Model: Brandon

Agency: Page Parkes

MUA: Ariel Haymond

Stylist: Kurt Haymond

Photographer:  Cameron Frost

Cooking Contest Stirs Up Animal Rights Controversy


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Recently, the Extraordinary Squirrel Burger Challenge was organized as a specific event for the Forest Showcase Food and Drink Festival. The challenge invited amateur chefs to submit a recipe consisting of minced squirrel served in a bun. The submitted recipes resulted in fifteen finalists being chosen to participate in the actual challenge. The finalists were given three recently and locally caught squirrels with the only requirement be the creation of a quarter pound burger, consisting entirely of squirrel meat. The challenge was held in the Forest of Dean in Coleford, Gloucestershire; in this particular locale, grey squirrels have become quite the concern—more than one hundred thousand grey squirrels have been found responsible for killing off other forms of wildlife and destroying trees. Therefore, the organizers of the event assumed the loss of three squirrels per finalists would not become an issue; they viewed the competition as a service, a way of eliminating the troubling damage-doers.


Animal Rights organizations flocked to China to protest the Yulin Festival.

Unfortunately, according to an article recently completed by Express, many animal rights groups did not see it that way in the slightest. Many campaigners working for animal rights have branded the competition as a smear campaign against grey squirrels. Specifically, the RSPCA asked the question of how exactly the squirrels were caught and terminated; was the treatment humane? In addition, Peta, a notorious animal rights group, declared that it was outraged by the very idea of the contest; the organization declared the competition as a merely the festival organizers being desperate for attention.

Alternatively, Peta declared that vegetarian and vegan needs are increasing, as more consumers see the benefits of avoiding meat altogether. As a result, Peta thought the needs of those attending the festival would’ve been better met had the competition been to produce an appealing vegetarian dish. Along similar lines, Vegetarians’ International Voice for Animals, a Bristol-based charity for animal rights, declared that the squirrels were victimized.

Also, several judges and participating groups organizing the festival spoke up in defense of the choice. Judge Lawrence Jefferies, a catering lecturer at Gloucestershire College, spoke out against these accusations, claiming that the loss of the squirrels was a positive, as it would reduce the damage done to the environment in the Forest of Dean. Organizers for the festival acknowledged that they specifically chose the squirrels as a means of raising awareness for an alternative food source in the area.

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Apple Upgrade Adds New Camera Features


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Apple’s recent upgrade to the iPhone 6 boasted a much more dramatic camera update than their iPhone 5s upgrade. This is to be expected, of course, as Apple has traditionally saved their best camera updates for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. The latest in the series offers a new sensor, a more advanced image processor, and a quicker focus speed — not to mention the iPhone 6’s bigger screen.


Latest news about the Iphone 6.

True, Android users have enjoyed the benefit of a larger screen for some time now, but iPhone users will get access to higher-quality photos right out of the box. Thanks to a faster autofocus, the iPhone 6 can actually detect subject distance instantly without that pesky wobble as it searches for focus. If users want to manually control exposure settings, they can easily control settings like focus, exposure, and brightness — all before they take their shot.

For photos shot at night, the iPhone 6 yields noticeably crisper and cleaner images than the iPhone 5. The reason for the reduced image noise is Apple’s move toward a quicker shutter speed and a lower ISO. This is even the case for users running iOS 8.0.1 on their iPhone 5.

Those running iOS 8 on the iPhone 5 (or even 4s) will also enjoy improved search options, image editing abilities, and a limited capacity to retrieve deleted photos. This is not to mention other beneficial iOS 8 updates, like increased battery life, faster shortcuts, Apple’s new Health app, and convenient family sharing capabilities.

Of course, no smartphone is without its fair share of complaints and critics. One article complained about the iPhone’s handling due to its super thin profile and its severely rounded edges. That doesn’t even account for the even larger size of the iPhone 6 Plus, a phone that is too large for most users to fit conveniently in a pocket.

The iPhone 6 camera upgrade is certainly not game-changing, but it is an essential and evolutionary one. Definitely consider upgrading if you are on a model earlier than the iPhone 5s. Some of the new features have come standard on Android smartphones for a while now, but if you want an Apple device, the iPhone 6 boasts the best camera in the company lineup.

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9 Instagram Tips For Photography Lovers


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The Instagram app allows users to quickly and easily snap photos while moving through life. Through these photos, users tell tell stories about their ongoing, day to day experiences interacting with the world around them.

As a new or veteran Instagram user, you might want to learn a few techniques for creating unique photos that will gather “likes” quickly on your Instagram page. You should never shape your Instagram photos around collecting likes. Snap photos when you feel the image will portray a story that your followers will feel involved in somehow. In a sense, the photo should tell a story about your emotions at the time and that you found the memory worth recording and sharing with your Instagram network.

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Southwest and SeaWorld No Longer Partners


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In 2010, a documentary was produced entitled “Blackfish,” which focused on the mistreatment of animals at SeaWorld’s amusement parks. In particularly, the piece focused on the captivity of the killer whales in the three parks located across the United States. The documentary explores the issue of Tilikum, one of SeaWorld’s killer whales, which attacking and killed its trainer, Dawn Brancheau. Through this exploration of the park and its treatment of its killer whales, the documentary explained that whales held in captivity—as they are at SeaWorld—become more aggressive towards each other and towards humans. As a result of this environment, Tilikum attacked, out of pure instinct.
Since “Blackfish” appeared, many entertainers have canceled planned performances at SeaWorld parks, based in the belief that the park’s mistreatment and misunderstanding of the needs of the killer whale are what directly caused the death of one of its employees.

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This sign of support has only driven animal rights activists further in their efforts to discourage corporations from partnering and working with SeaWorld. According to an article recently completed by The Guardian, activists assembled to rally earlier this year, gathering signatures for a petition to urge Southwest Airlines to cut off their marketing partnership with SeaWorld. The partnership, which has existed for twenty-five years, resulted in three of Southwest’s planes painted to depict prominent SeaWorld animals.

The activists wanted the partnership severed, as to have one less company supporting a park that they believed to not have the best interest for the animals at heart. To make their case, a petition and required signatures were assembled and was given to Southwest Airlines. The partnership has since been severed. However, according to the article, the decision was not based solely in “Blackfish” or the urgings of the activists. Both companies mutually parted ways, in search of partnerships that address the growing international markets.
Regardless of not being the sole priority behind the fracturing of the partnership, Marilee McInnis—Southwest Airlines’ spokeswoman—did declare that, on the issue of animal rights, they always maintained a listening and educated ear.


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Cameron Frost’s Latest Prezi


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Cameron Frost has been a professional photographer for the last decade and has dedicated much of his time to serving his community. Cameron enjoys working alongside local charities and helping them grow any way that he can! To learn more about Cameron Frost’s experience, background, career history, interests and activities, check out the video about Cameron’s latest prezi presentation below:

Cameron Frost: Prezi from Cameron Frost on Vimeo.

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The Benefits of Photography On Therapy


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According to an article recently completed by Psych Central, Rosemary Bannon Tyksinski, PhD and therapist, declares on her website that photography can be instrumental in therapy for certain clients. To her, art is a form of communication. It allows many who can’t directly discuss what’s bothering them to find and express the deeper, underlying issues. Essentially, it allows some of her clients to speak in images, either directly or through the use of a metaphor. For her personally, Tyksinski finds that art allows her to communicate what she sees—things that are important to her and what she experiences. Through expressing these observations, she is able to say things she can’t find words for.


In terms of completed artwork and photographs, Tyksinski feels that the best photos are ones that evoke deeply buried psychic material—things that her clients may have left hidden otherwise. Through this reveal, clients can find ways to connect with their true selves—parts of their personality that are hidden, but which are vital aspects of themselves.

From this, Tyksinski found her way to photo therapy. At its very core, the practice is the use of photos in therapy sessions, as a means of prompting responses and finding ways to discover the client’s hidden desires and parts of his or her personality. Tyksinski does this through a variety of measures. She typically starts by using photo albums provided by the client—pictures of their own acquaintances, such as important family members, friends and pets. It is important to note that the client did not need to partake in the participation of the photos—either as the photographer or the subject—for this to be successful; simply seeing photos of those who are important to the client could be instrumental in revealing hidden aspects.

In a more generic sense, a therapist can provide photos for their client, in the hopes of awakening some hidden conflict or resolution. Tyksinski mentions several artists she prefers to use—photographer’s who work has prompted many positive results. Matej Peljhan is a psychotherapist and a photographer and, as such, knows precisely what is needed to get the juices flowing in the mind. Maggie Taylor combines her work with a camera and images she can create using her scanner to create “photo montages,” which have shown to be very beneficial in the service of Tyksinski’s clients.

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