Cameron Frost – Captures Moments One Shutter Click at a Time


Cameron Frost – Captures Moments One Shutter Click at a Time

cameron frost bigThere are many reasons Cameron Frost turned a hobby he was passionate about into a career. Photography has allowed him to share his perspective on the world in a unique and creative way. Since beginning his professional career 10 years ago, he has fine-tuned his craft into something that is aesthetically appealing and provocative. His photographs have appeared online and in numerous publications. His work has taken him around the world to new and exciting locales that keep him inspired as a creative individual. He particularly enjoys focusing on commercial-style portraits and captivating landscapes. In addition to his freelance work, he currently acts as art director and lead photographer for Excelsior Media Production Company.

An Emphasis on Quality 

Cameron Frost has a distinct and recognizable style, and is committed to making the subjects in his photographs look their absolute best. Male models with incredible physiques, female models with skin that glows are a consistent theme throughout his work. In addition to portraying outer beauty, his uncanny ability to capture personality in his images is indicative of a truly talented professional. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. Cameron’s images convey something much more than words. They are a visual representation of the subject’s story.

Early Beginning 

Cameron Frost knew at a young age that photography was his true calling. His career began at age 19 in Los Angeles, California, when he transformed a passionate hobby into a professional career path. A PR representative at MTV recognized his ability as a visual artist, and he was soon after able to launch a successful career. Photographers like Frost represent an influential wave of new talent that is dominating the photography industry. He and his contemporaries bring a new standard of innovation and creativity to photography.

Radiates Positivity 

One of the many reasons Cameron Frost has become so successful is because of the professionalism and positive attitude he demonstrates to his subjects and clients. He approaches each photo shoot with the attitude that it is a unique opportunity to create lasting, professional relationships. Because the photography industry is so well connected, he understands the importance of a positive first impression and the ramifications it can have for future success. He always makes his subjects feel comfortable, so they are able to respond well to the camera. It is his ability to connect on a more personal level with his models that allows him to consistently deliver for his clients.

A Varied Skill Set

Cameron Frost has had experience working in every capacity of the photography industry. Because of his career’s competitive nature, he knows that having a broad, well-rounded understanding of all aspects of photography is paramount. To begin with, like other successful photographers, he has done a great deal of assisting. As an assistant, he learned how to be the second set of eyes on a photo shoot. This is an important skill for a photographer to have, because he is even more observant and has even greater attention to detail because of it.

He has a vast knowledge of various capture and editing software. Knowing how to work in various camera systems with different programs allows him to adapt to any given situation. This wide range of knowledge allows him to walk on set no matter the circumstances and always be prepared. He is proficient in the following programs:

–          Photoshop

–          Capture One

–          Media Pro

–          Aperture

–          Final Cut

–          Portfolio

Additionally, he knows how to work with several different camera bodies, including Canon, Nikon, Sony, Phase One, and Hasselblad. Large commercial shoots often use sophisticated, digital back medium format cameras; while smaller 35 mm cameras are more appropriate for freelance editorial work. Because of Frost’s comprehensive knowledge of different camera bodies and their capabilities, he always knows what is the best equipment to use in any given circumstance.

Cameron is also experienced with various lighting systems, including Profoto, Broncolor, Canon Speedlights, and Photogenics. By understanding the unique capabilities of each gives Frost even more ability to tailor each photo shoot to the client’s specific needs. In addition to studio lighting, Frost is also skilled at manipulating natural, ambient light, and he is able to incorporate it successfully into his images.

Frost also has experience working in front of the camera as a model. This has not only given him the opportunity to learn posing and expression techniques that translate into an even broader understanding of photography, he has also had the chance to collaborate with other talented artists such as Greg Gorman, Richard Reinsdorf, Howard Hoffman, Bradford Rogne, and Kai Feng. His work with these individuals has helped boost his reputation within the industry, as well as positively influenced him creatively. He cites prolific photographers such as Helmut Newton, Richard Avedon, and David LaChapelle as his artistic inspirations. Their work pioneered the photography industry, and Frost aspires to do the same.

An Impressive Client List 

Cameron’s photography work for singer Jesse McCartney is primarily what launched his career and put him on the fast track for success. Since then, he has had the opportunity to travel throughout the United States, as well as abroad to places like Copenhagen, London, and Costa Rica. Since his start 10 years ago, his client list has come to include big names such as Paris Hilton, Hollywood Records, Warner Brothers, MTV, and Disney, among others.

Involvement in Social Media 

Name a social networking site, Cameron Frost has his name on it. In addition to popular ones such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Google+, he also has accounts with Pheed, Quora, Good.Is, and others. He also utilizes Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram as effective forms of self-marketing, and he has thousands of followers on each. Instagram has been a particularly useful way for Cameron to share his work with the world. Additionally, Frost has a Vimeo page where plans to upload and share his video work as he becomes more involved with videography and video editing.

Cameron Frost’s Participation in Associations and Charities Enriches Him, Personally and Professionally

Cameron Frost not only is a member of the Professional Photographer’s Assocation (PPA), he is also heavily involved with charity work. He has helped raise money with his photography work for such organizations as the Trevor Project, Human Rights Campaign and GLASS, all of which are committed to advocacy, awareness, and education to advance LGBT equality. Additionally, he is an animal lover and owns a French bulldog named Milo, and he has participated in fundraisers for PetSmart Charities.

The professional organizations offer frequent workshops and seminars, which discuss what is current in the industry, business tactics, and creative inspiration. As a member of these organizations, Frost has joined a league of dedicated, passionate professionals, and gained considerable clout within the photography community. They have become a tremendous resource for Cameron and have allowed him to extend his network with other professional photographers and clients.

His charitable work and donations comes from his personal desire to create a lasting effect on his generation and generations to follow. Frost sees the LGBT movement as the civil rights campaign of his generation. Staying involved, giving back to the community, and witnessing the difference these organizations have made in the lives of others is yet another way that Cameron Frost remains inspired as a creative individual.


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4 thoughts on “Cameron Frost – Captures Moments One Shutter Click at a Time

  1. Candace

    I think its wonderful you are taking time out of your life to raise funds for one of my favorite places, Pet Smart! Although our animals are loved tremendously, there are countless who have been abandoned or abused. Keep up the good work! 🙂

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