Are You Ready To Adopt A Pet?


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If you are looking for a pet, think about adopting one from an animal shelter. At most animal shelters you will find cats, dogs, rabbits, reptiles and more. Each of these animals needs a safe, loving owner and home. Many animals who end up in shelters have some type of emotional or behavioral issue which leads to most prospective adopters to overlook them for their “shortcomings.” Pets, especially those adopted from shelters, are major responsibilities.


Consider if you are prepared to adopt an animal from a shelter before doing so?

If you are looking to adopt a new pet, consider these factors beforehand:

Do your research first. Before heading to the shelter, research which types of dogs, cats, etc that you might be interested in taking home with you. Different breeds will have various behaviors so you want to think about what these behaviors are and if you can deal with them. For instance, certain breeds of dogs bark, show more aggressive tendencies, or are more difficult to train.

Consider the future. What if you plan on moving in the future and your aren’t sure if the place you are moving is a difficult place to live with a pet or not. Once you commit to adopting a pet, it becomes one of your top priorities and you have to begin planning every aspect of your life around it. Also, consider the size of your home and imagine if it would be an acceptable amount of space for an animal to live and move around in. In particular, dogs have a ton of energy, so they need lots of room to exercise. Don’t forget to think about your schedule. Do you work late and live alone? Pets need attention, food, and to be walked. If you aren’t home, then who will make sure your pet is safe and taken care of?

Visit before adopting. Research shelters in your area and visit more than one in order to see a range of pet options. Bring your roommates or whoever else might be living with the animal to make sure that person is comfortable with the pet. Ask the shelter tons of questions about the animal’s behavior and health background.

Take pet adoption seriously and don’t adopt on a whim. Realize that it’s a long commitment and can be quite a life adjustment. Make sure you are ready for it. For more information, visit

from Cameron Frost


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