Where To Start With Photography


New post from Cameron Frost

Cameron Frost may be a skilled, professional photographer, but that wasn’t always the case. Growing up, Cameron walked around his neighborhood taking photos of people and subjects, learning about photography on his own. For a new photographer like Cameron once was, following a few basic tips will help you begin your path to becoming more skilled and knowledgeable about the profession and craft. New photographers should begin learning the way that Cameron did and should enjoy photography rather than take it to seriously in the beginning. Becoming a professional photographer takes time, experience, focus and determination. Here are a few tips for new photographers hoping to learn more about the skill:

Start small. You don’t need the most expensive or high tech camera when you first start out with photography.  You just need something that will be simple to use and easy to manage.  Photography can be a difficult skill to acquire and the more that you practice, the better. Buy a reasonably priced digital camera and begin there. Once you start practicing more and more with the camera, you’ll begin figuring out the next type of camera you’ll want to invest in.


Follow a few, simple tips when just starting out with photography.

Never let your camera leave your side. Treat every time you leave your house or apartment as an opportunity to get to know the world around you better through photography. Photograph anything you come across that interests your or draws your attention to it.

Keep a mental list. When walking around your city, town or neighborhood start making a list of places, views or buildings that you would like to photograph. This way you’ll never run out of subjects or places to take pictures of.

Use what’s around you no matter how ordinary. Sometimes, the most ordinary objects might not seem like proper photographic subjects, but this is where you’re wrong. Anything no matter how mundane it might appear to be can be turned into something worth photographing. Lighting can help average everyday objects become ideal photographic subjects. Your backyard, the park or the beach can be great places to begin honing your photography skills.

Remember to enjoy learning about the process of photography and begin playing with those camera settings. The more you experiment, the more you’ll learn and become a better photographer. For more tips visit the digital photography school’s website!

from Cameron Frost http://ift.tt/1mASruZ


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