Pet Adoption Transforms Valentine’s Day Weekend


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While the majority of the population spent copious amounts of money on commercial products in an attempt to impress their loved one on Valentine’s Day, a few smart individuals realized a much cheaper, and furrier, option. Last weekend national animal welfare organization known as the Best Friends Animal Society, along with other animal rescue groups and shelters, were promoting their special program entitled, “The One”. The objective for the program was to encourage consumers to avoid pricey online or in-person pet retailers and adopt just “The One” they’ve always wanted for only $14.

The program was available nationwide through a collection of different local animal shelters, groups, and of course Best Friends Animal Society locations. The program also featured a marketing campaign that emphasized the humor in putting aside your Valentine’s Day woes and adopting the puppy of your dreams. But while the advertising campaign might have seemed humorous, this was an extremely serious attempt to save animal lives.


Adopting a pet from a great way to save a life.

As the national manager of Best Friends Animal Society, Elizabeth Oreck, made clear, most people don’t realize that pet stores and online retailers predominantly rely on the 10,000 puppy and kitten farms to supply the consumers. Meanwhile the large amount of pets available through shelters and rescue groups typically go unwanted. Thus, consumers could not only save money but also these animals’ lives! The variety of pets offered in shelters is immense, ranging from puppies to purebreds, who make up around 25% of the those available.

So while some were out spending money on flowers, chocolates, or other gifts for their significant others, there was a mass amount of people that chose instead to use that money to give a pet a home and in doing so saved a life. I would say, that’s one successful Valentine’s Day weekend.

from Cameron Frost


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