Properly Holding A Digital Camera


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Often, new digital and sometimes even film photographer have issues of “camera shake” when they take pictures. Camera shake could lead to somewhat blurry images because the photographer fails to hold the camera in a steady enough position when the camera shutter is depressed. One way to eliminate this problem, particularly in low light situations, is to use a tripod when taking photos. For digital camera users, one method used is to hold the camera away from the body in order to frame the shot. Although the body is stable, the farther the camera is held away from the body, the greater the chance the body will move or sway sideways and therefore trigger camera shake.


The Digital Photography School offers a few key tips for those using digital cameras in order to minimize camera shake and its effects. The only way to full alleviate the problem of “camera shake” is to use a tripod in order to fully stabilize the camera. A simple way to stabilize the camera is by using both hands to hold it in place. Your inclination might be to shoot one-handed, but to avoid “camera shake” you should stick to holding the camera with both hands.

Tip #1: Always grip the right hand end with your right hand. Place your forefinger gently on the shutter release while your other three fingers are wrapped around the front side of the camera. Hold the camera firmly with your right hand but not too firmly to avoid shaking the camera.

Tip #2: You should usually place your left hand under the camera in order to fully support its weight and keep it from moving around.

Tip #3: By using the view finder to line up the shot, you’ll hold the camera closer to your body which will stabilize the camera’s position. When using the LCD, try not to hold the camera too faraway from your body. Tuck in your elbows and lean the camera out somewhat away from your face.

Tip #4: Lean against an object. For extra stability, try to find a large, heavy object to brace yourself against in order to keep you from swaying or to keep your hand from shaking. If your body remains still while taking the photo, the image shouldn’t come out blurry.

from Cameron Frost


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