Tips For Snapping Photos With Your Smartphone


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So you have a camera phone, but for some reason every time you attempt to take a photo with it, the picture doesn’t turn out well. With the latest phone technology, you should be able to take high quality images. You should take advantage of your camera phone, but don’t waste your time taking poor quality photos. If you learn a few tips, you will be able to use your camera phone to snap better photos. With only a few, slight tweaks, you can take better photos. When taking photos on your phone, remember basic photography rules.


Here a few photography tips when using your smart phone.

Use Your Lighting. Before snapping a photo, ensure your subject is facing the light source. This is particularly important when using a smart phone’s camera. Most likely, your phone’s biggest weakness is the inability to take pictures in low light. This is the main reason you’ll want your subject in good lighting.

Clean Your Camera Lens. if your photos are turning particularly blurry, then make sure you remove your phone from the case and clean the lens. You will see an immediate difference in the two pictures.

Stay Away From The Zoom Button. You can always crop a photo later, so why bother cropping while you are taking it? If you want a closer picture of a subject, you should step closer to it. Digital zoom is really the same thing as stepping closer.

Use The Flash Carefully. The flash on your camera phone can be harsh, and more than likely your phone will want to use the flash when it’s unnecessary. In some lighting situations, not using the flash will be a better idea. Snap two photos- one with flash and one without- in order to see which picture turns out better. Another tip for softening your flash is to place a piece of tissue or a white sticker over the lens. The flash will still provide light, but it won’t be so harsh.

Adjust The Camera’s Resolution. Many camera apps have options for adjusting the resolution which allows you to snap photos at different resolutions. If you just want to take a quick picture and send it someone, using a low resolution should work fine. If you want a higher quality photo, use a higher resolution.


from Cameron Frost


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