Animal Rights Activists Storm Chinese Dog Festival


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Animal Rights organizations flocked to China to protest the Yulin Festival.

In recent news in China, hordes of angry animal rights activists flocked to the scene of a traditional Dog Meat Festival known as the Yulin Festival in the Guanxi Province which includes the slaughter of around 10,000 dogs. The festival occurs every summer when thousands of tourists and locals flock to the district in order to consume dog meat. At the festival, visitors consume traditional dog meat dish such as dog hotpot. Along with the dog meat, the festival goers drink enormous amounts of alcohol.

Although the country takes part in strange diet traditions, there is now a growing concern over public health and the public’s well-being. More importantly, there is an overwhelming concern and outcry over animal cruelty and the rights of the slaughtered dogs. Before this summer’s festival the authorities vowed to crackdown on the dog slaughtering  and be stricter on food regulations.

Days leading op to the festival, the animal rights activists staked out the restaurants and vendors serving the meat in order to try to stop the dog eating practices that China has taken part in for centuries. The activists also began many social media campaigns in order to disrupt the festival’s dog eating customs. A popular Chinese restaurant, South China Morning, complained that a few of these activists broke into their slaughterhouse and stole their dogs in order to keep the restaurant from killing them.

A separate group collected money and used their own finances to buy dogs from restaurants for as much as one hundred and eighty dollars each. This happened while a group of Buddhists recited prayers as they walked through the hanging carcasses in an area with the most slaughtered dogs dogs for sale. The tension between the activists and the diners came to a head on Saturday when the opposing groups began fighting in the street until the police eventually intervened.

An activist with Animals Asia, stated that the festival was cruel and unhygienic. Many dogs are stolen from homes after being darted with drugs which will most likely make its way into the stomachs of festival goers. All in all, although the locals promote the festival as part of a cultural tradition, most find the festival to be cruel and inhumane.


from Cameron Frost


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