How Can You Help Out At Your Local Animal Shelter?


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Get involved this summer at your local pet shelter in order to do something great in your community. There are so many ways to help out the local pet community including volunteering at the shelter for rescued animals. Animal shelters have estimated that they take care of 6-8 million dogs and cats each year in the US. Around 3 to 4 million of the animals are euthanized. Because there are no factual reports about how many are actually euthanized, so these are all estimates. During the 1970s, shelters had to euthanize around 12-20 million animals when there were 67 million pets in homes. Nowadays, shelters euthanize around 2.7 million animals while there are 135 million pets in homes. We have made progress from euthanizing 25% of the dogs and cats in the US to only euthanizing 3% of them. More progress can be made if we simply work on diminishing animal overpopulation.


The question we keep asking ourselves is why are there so many animals in shelters? This is mainly due to the problem of animal overpopulation when for example, owners relinquish their pets or pets are rescued from the streets and bring them to shelters. In order to prevent animal overpopulation within shelters, we need to encourage pet owners to be responsible pet owners by providing information and training on proper pet care. Another way to keep pet alive is to promote private citizens to volunteer in animal shelters as much as possible.

Below are some tips for how to begin volunteering at an animal shelter:

1. Find a shelter near you. Begin by searching Petfinder in order to find a shelter closest to your home. This way you can find a shelter by figuring out first where pets are up for adoption within your community. Get the shelter’s phone number.

2. Contact the shelter via phone or stop by. Drop into the shelter to learn more about how it operates and what the guidelines are for volunteers. Also, ask them if there are other ways to help the shelter besides volunteering in person.

3. Find out if you meet the requirements to volunteer if you are truly interested. If you are too young and the shelter tells you that you can’t volunteer because they don’t have tasks for you to complete, then this most likely isn’t true. Suggest that you can clean cages, make phone calls/ general office work, work on their social media, take photos of pets to put up on PetFinder, or even become a foster home for animals.

from Cameron Frost


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