Take Photos Of People Like A Professional


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Does the idea of photographing people intimidate you even if it’s taking photos of close friends? People can often times be the easiest subjects to photograph once you get over your fear of doing something wrong with the camera. For example, photographing people can be much simpler than taking a photo of a landscape because for landscapes you might have to drive somewhere faraway in order to find a decent landscape and even then the lighting and weather must be ideal in order for the photo turn out well. However, you have absolute control over how you photograph people versus taking photos of landscapes in which you can’t control the elements.


With people as your subjects, you can control the elements of photography such as lighting techniques and positioning. You also have an unlimited number of subjects at your disposal. These subjects include your friends, relatives and friends of friends. Not to mention each of these subjects is unique and will produce a different type of photograph. You can adjust lighting, the subject’s clothing and makeup as well as location. Imagination is the key to successfully photographing people as subjects. You don’t even need to be an expert on your camera’s settings. Use your camera’s portrait mode in order to take decent photos of other people. Become an expert on your camera settings later. To improve your photography skills, start thinking like a professional photographer would. Here are some tips from a recent article:

Get to Know Your Subject. Start by building a rapport with your subject. You’ll want your subject to feel comfortable with you so that this translates into him or her feeling comfortable in front of the camera. Encourage your subject to be versatile in their movements and positions. If your subject is relaxed, then you will have more success with the photos.

Go Wide with your Lens. The reason documentary photographers and photojournalists like to use wide angle lenses is because it allows them to become intimate with their subjects. The photographer is able to move close to the subject in order to create this sense of connection between the subject and the viewer.

Try Photographing in Black and White. These types of photographs are both artistic and creative. Today, there are many notable portrait and fashion photographers that shoot in black and white.

Take Time to Learn About Lighting Techniques. Direct sun isn’t always great for shooting portrait photography because of it’s potential to cast harsh shadows on peoples’ faces, but overcast skies and late afternoon sun are better.


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