Apple Upgrade Adds New Camera Features


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Apple’s recent upgrade to the iPhone 6 boasted a much more dramatic camera update than their iPhone 5s upgrade. This is to be expected, of course, as Apple has traditionally saved their best camera updates for the iPhone 4 and iPhone 5. The latest in the series offers a new sensor, a more advanced image processor, and a quicker focus speed — not to mention the iPhone 6’s bigger screen.


Latest news about the Iphone 6.

True, Android users have enjoyed the benefit of a larger screen for some time now, but iPhone users will get access to higher-quality photos right out of the box. Thanks to a faster autofocus, the iPhone 6 can actually detect subject distance instantly without that pesky wobble as it searches for focus. If users want to manually control exposure settings, they can easily control settings like focus, exposure, and brightness — all before they take their shot.

For photos shot at night, the iPhone 6 yields noticeably crisper and cleaner images than the iPhone 5. The reason for the reduced image noise is Apple’s move toward a quicker shutter speed and a lower ISO. This is even the case for users running iOS 8.0.1 on their iPhone 5.

Those running iOS 8 on the iPhone 5 (or even 4s) will also enjoy improved search options, image editing abilities, and a limited capacity to retrieve deleted photos. This is not to mention other beneficial iOS 8 updates, like increased battery life, faster shortcuts, Apple’s new Health app, and convenient family sharing capabilities.

Of course, no smartphone is without its fair share of complaints and critics. One article complained about the iPhone’s handling due to its super thin profile and its severely rounded edges. That doesn’t even account for the even larger size of the iPhone 6 Plus, a phone that is too large for most users to fit conveniently in a pocket.

The iPhone 6 camera upgrade is certainly not game-changing, but it is an essential and evolutionary one. Definitely consider upgrading if you are on a model earlier than the iPhone 5s. Some of the new features have come standard on Android smartphones for a while now, but if you want an Apple device, the iPhone 6 boasts the best camera in the company lineup.

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